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In October 2023, their shared vision culminates in the founding of Signature Brand Logistics. Beyond a business, it's a legacy of triumph, echoing the entrepreneurial spirit passed down from Kevin's deceased father, who began his journey as a truck driver. Their goal: not only to secure their families' financial futures but also to uplift and empower others through meaningful employment within the company. 

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Fritz "Kevin"


Kevin's Journey:


Kevin, a hometown hero, initially joined Best Buy after high school but soon found his calling in military service, serving in the Air Force, Navy Reserves, and the Army, earning accolades including the Purple Heart during deployments in Afghanistan. After military service, he shifted his focus to education and entrepreneurship, earning a Bachelor's in Business Administration, a Paralegal Certificate, and a Master's Degree from Suffolk University, reflecting his unwavering commitment to self-improvement. His entrepreneurial spirit, ignited in high school, remained strong throughout his academic journey. Yet, it was during his master's program, working on a trucking company project, that Kevin discovered his passion for the logistics industry, leading him to pursue a master's degree to become a fleet owner, a transformative decision in his life's journey.


Stephane B.

President & CO-FOUNDER

Stephane's Journey:


Stephane Bellande's journey began in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and took him to Boston, Massachusetts at age 10. He began his academic path at St. Angela Catholic School, displaying adaptability and determination. Stephane excelled at Cathedral High School, achieving academic success and showcasing his soccer skills as a midfielder. His passion for technology and mechanical engineering led him to Wentworth Institute of Technology, where he honed his engineering skills, setting the stage for an innovative career. Expanding his horizons, he earned a technician aviation degree from the National Aviation Academy, underscoring his dedication to lifelong learning and diverse expertise.



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